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zip code  33431 

8792 Homes

Medium Household income $88,295

Get The Exposure You Deserve!

A new exclusive local marketing program that gets your message delivered directly in front of thousands of local buyers instantly...​​​​​​​

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All of the territories/zones below are residents in Broward and Palm Beach County. Income of $100,000 or more.

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with Exclusive Distribution for Your Business and Have Guaranteed Instant Customer Visibility to Generate More Leads, Customers, and Sales…Without Spending Thousands​​​​​​​

Here's The Perfect Solution

We know that it can be difficult for small businesses to gain exposure, especially when they don’t have a big marketing budget. That’s why we offer an affordable way to reach thousands of local households with exclusive distribution for your business without spending thousands on traditional advertising methods like newspaper ads or billboards.

Our desire is to help small businesses grow with an awesome and effective strategy that can reach thousands in Anchorage by offering local residents the hottest deals from the best businesses in Palm beach and Broward County by offering local residents the hottest deals from the best businesses in Palm beach and Broward Counties!

Do you want your business in the hands of thousands of Broward and Palm Beach County residents? Introducing Fl Hometown Deals Massive 9″ x 12″ Full-Color Mega Postcard with Powerful, Customer-Attracting, Display Ads. Our Fl Hometown Deals 9 × 12 co-op postcard is focused on being city-specific AND business exclusive (you are not competing with a business like yours on the same postcard) so you can expect local & immediate traffic to your business!

We are flooding your neighborhood with our Giant 9” x 12” Full-Color Direct Mail Promo Postcard & we want to feature your business on it!

It is nothing less than an “Attention-Grabbing Customer Generator” delivered by the US Postal Service to 10,000 local residents per mailing in the form of a unique, giant 9” x 12” heavy weight, high-gloss, premier quality cooperative mailing card!​​​​​​​

Why Advertise With Our Giant 
9x12 Co-Op Postcards?​​​​​​​

- Instead of spending a fortune to advertise your services, brand, or special offers...simply "ride along" with our local co-op for only pennies per view.

-No other medium on the planet can place you so quickly in front of entire neighborhoods like this postcard can.

- 98% of consumers bring in their mail daily*


- If you want to be sure your message gets seen, our giant co-op postcard will dwarf everything else and demand instant attention for your products/services.

-Best of all we don't allow direct competitors, so it's either you or them-there's only room for one. So join our co-op today and reserve a spot on the next postcard campaign before your direct competitor does!​​​​​​​

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Need More Proof Why Our Giant Postcards Are Wildly Successful Compared To the Other Methods?

Coupon Packs: Always get littered across thousands of homes but only a small percentage of people open them. You end up squished between competitors with multiple pages, plummeting your true exposure down to no value!!

TV / Radio: Depends on people watching or listening at the particular moment of your ad. Nearly impossible to tell if customers even seen it, let alone if they respond to it or not.

Outdoor Billboards: Doesn't have easy tracking ability and takes long-term exposure for people to even notice it, and costs way, way too much for the tiny ROI, which is not likely to be profitable.

Internet Marketing: Exposes you to people actively searching for your services, but for every person searching, there are many more who would respond if you simply invited them. In Truth, Internet Marketing is a long term strategy you SHOULD Focus some attention to, these mailers, however, can deliver a message QUICKLY and Effectively!

Spaces are Extremely Limited and are on a First-Come First-Serve basis.

Don't let your Competitors Steal the Spotlight away from you, Reserve your AdSpace in one of our upcoming co-op campaigns, NOW!

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ACT RIGHT AWAY to put YOUR Message on an upcoming Giant Postcard Co-Op Community Mailer, on our upcoming Direct Saving's Mailer, and lock out competing ads from other businesses that are your DIRECT competition.

If we are not able to sell out at least 11 of the Adspaces, because of our own issues, then we will refund every penny you paid for your Adspace! If we gave you a bonus, YOU GET TO KEEP IT!!! (Bonus ONLY available to those who pay in full, up front)

Don't let your competitor(s) Steal the Spotlight from you, Reserve Your Space in our co-op Campaign Right NOW!

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ATTENTION Palm Beach & Broward Counties

Instantly Reach Your Local Community for Only Pennies Per Piece! (On Average)

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Your Offer will be SEEN by thousands of local families

  • NOT buried on page 15 of a coupon magazine with competing businesses
  • NOT stuffed in an envelope with other competing businesses
  • NOT hidden on page 6 of a newspaper where few will see it
  • NOT mingled in with multiple flyers from big brand stores.

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Release a Flash Flood of New Customers in Just Days!

  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Affordable & Cost-Effective
  • Guaranteed Instant Customer Visibility!
  • No Pages to Turn or Envelopes to Open
  • Exclusive Distribution – No Direct Competitors
  • Co-op buying power. You pay a fraction of the cost & reap all the rewards!
  • Instantly Reach 10,000+ Local Households with Average Annual Incomes Greater Than $100k

zip code 33432

2,271 Homes

Medium Household income $78,295

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Why Advertise on Our Mega 9 x 12 Postcard?

Our co-op postcard is an “Attention-Grabbing, Customer Generator” delivered by the US Postal Service to 10,000 Anchorage middle-upper income-earning residents per mailing in the form of a unique, giant 9 x 12 heavyweight, high-gloss, premier quality cooperative mailing card! It is designed with small businesses in mind and has proven itself across the nation!